In 2015 and 2017 people of Jiangxi and Foshan of China claimed that they saw a mysterious floating city high in dense clouds. Is it real or a hoax? A short video gone viral on internet on this mysterious floating city. There are many conspiracy theories around it.

Is Floating City Real or a Hoax?

  1. It could be an apparition or mirage called fata morgana. In short it could be an optical illusion. Due to various atmospheric temperatures light bends differently in different temperatures creating mirage below or above horizon called inferior mirage and superior mirage respectively. In this case it’s superior mirage, but fata morgana occurs just close to the horizon. But this floating city appeared thousands of feet from the surface which is obviously not possible. Even if the mirage is true, how come surface objects turn into giant metropolis?
  1. Probably NASA is experimenting on how people react to giant hologram projection as part of Project Blue Beam. NASA has plans to use this hologram image projection to simulate arrival of aliens or second coming of Christ. But, there is no authentic information on this.
  2. These days we are all hearing multiverse or parallel universe theories. So some say probably portal to another universe has accidentally opened or some aliens visited our world to see how we look like and react to them, which sounds like a scientific fiction!
  3. Floating city video could be a fake video. With CGI we can create any sort of illusions, that’s what we are seeing in Hollywood movies. With the help of Photoshop and After Effects rotoscoping we can create a mysterious floating city video like this.
  4. CNN clarifications on being fake or fata morgana:

Even though thousands of people saw this mysterious floating city, none of them actually reported this incident. Also there is only one short video on this floating city which is copied and uploaded by many people. So after all this I would say this mysterious floating city is a hoax and a fake video created by a video editing expert.