There are many methods and drawing techniques that you can practice, one that stands out is the drawing with oil pastels. This is an activity where different characteristics, such as wax crayons and cakes, are combined.

Although it seems easy to paint with oil pastels, it is a technique that requires techniques and practice. Experts recommended that beginners take into account certain aspects that will help you get good results.

paint with oil pastels

Having the right materials and knowing the basic techniques will help you create an excellent drawing with oil pastels also taking position references using wooden mannequins or plastic body kun dolls for figure drawing.

The pigments in oil pastels are a mixture of grease and wax that allows it to have that texture. Colors are limited, but you can buy cases containing up to 96 different colors.

Tips for drawing with oil pastels for beginners

To start drawing with oil pastels, you will need to follow certain tips that will make your job easier. The tips you should keep in mind are the following:

Look For Watercolor Or Cake Paper Or Traditional Canvas.

You should have the right paper so you can be sure that the cakes can stick. The thickness of the paper will depend on the drawing you want, if it is lighter or if you want to use a more intense palette.

The Paper Size

Find the paper size you need; this will depend on how large your drawing wants. Experts recommended that you do not over or lack paper space. You should not use papers that contain acids because the color can change.

Look For Paper Color, Depending On The Drawing You Want To Paint.

If, for example, your drawing is a landscape that will have a lot of green, you can look for a pastel paper of that color, this will make your drawing look more harmonious. And if it’s a landscape at night, you can use a purple paper.

Choose Your Cakes

This point is very important, look for the tones you need for your drawing with oil pastels. If you are a beginner, any brand can help you start practicing.

When you have more experience and want to get more professional results, you should avoid the studio range of oil pastels. This is because the studio range is waxier and do not come together like oil pastels from artist or professional ranges.

To start, you do not need to buy a lot of tones, you have to think about the image you want to draw and choose the colors. With a case that has 24 colors will be enough. You can buy oil pastels in art stores or online.

Stay Clean

To keep your hands and fingers clean, you can work with a damp cloth or cloth.

Know Where To Place Your Hand When Painting

This point is important because you should not place your hand on a painted part. Nor should he draw with his hand in the air because he will not achieve a good result.

You can start from the top left of the paper if you are right-handed and if you are left-handed, you can start from the top right.

Draw Light Strokes

Experts recommended that you start your drawing with clear lines so that you are safe and then press until you feel safe. Remember that you cannot delete it if you make a mistake.

Mix Colors

Oil pastels can be mixed, and you can add different shades to your drawing, but remember not to reload the layers because they can get dirty easily.

Buy Accessories

You can use accessories such as brushes, blur materials, or sponges; they are perfect tools to blur oil pastels. There is an artistic eraser that can be very useful for your drawings.

Use A Fixative

At the end of your drawing with oil pastels, it is advisable to spray a fixative to avoid stains and will make your image last for years. Hair spray is perfect to use but remember to use it wisely.

General techniques for drawings with oil pastels

  • You should think about the drawing you want to paint. If you are a beginner, you should start with a simple drawing; it can be a fruit, a flower, a dog. If you want to paint something harder, you can draw a landscape.
  • Before you start painting, you should check if you have the right colors for your drawing. If you lack a color, you can improvise or combine colors to get closer to the desired color.
  • If you can start practicing with images that only need 2 or 3 colors.
  • Make your sketches and drafts on paper to help you plan the drawing. Practice until you are happy with the sketch.
  • Consider the paper you will choose to make the drawing; at the beginning, you do not need to make many details to your drawing.
  • You can also mark or name the colors on the parts of the drawing.
  • Draw the main objects with a slightly blurred background. You should press on the base layer with a medium tone and then start coloring inwards. You should save for later Darker or lighter colors.
  • Add colors as secondary layers. If you want, you can place more colors to your drawing; in this step, you can blur the colors with a cloth or with your fingers.

The colors of the oil pastels do not mix on a palette or a sheet; these colors overlap on the same sheet of paper and thus achieve other intermediate colors.

  • Cakes are applied linearly.
  • Another technique you can use is stippling. This method is easy to master and is based on using small dots for a shader or an object. You can put it into practice in your drawing with oil pastels, your drawing will look beautiful, and you will have another ability to use the cakes.

Drawings With Oil Pastels For Children

This is an excellent option for children to have fun while learning this technique of using oil pastels. Children can start by making quick and easy sketches.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter how old you are because oil pastels are an excellent option to create wonderful designs. If you are a beginner, you can practice these techniques and tips, and you will become an expert and you will be inspired to learn new techniques and skills.

Your imagination can fly and you will be able to capture it on paper and with the help of oil pastels, you will achieve a brilliant drawing that will stand out. Don’t be afraid and start using these cakes and become an artist.