Biden, O’Rourke, Warren: US presidential candidates have turned their dog into a campaign weapon. New York Times investigation into the use of the doggie as a political communication medium. There are so many Democratic nomination contenders. How to get out of the fray?

Bailey, the dog of Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren in the US Democratic primary at Waterloo Field in January 2019 © Getty / Boston Globe

Or how to create a link? With a dog! breeds matter! bouledogue francais maybe , Labrador or golden retrievers.

And again, the amateurs are at their expense: many candidates having given up, a whole bunch of canine stars have suddenly left the radars. Exit, for example Artemis, the Labrador of Beto O’Rourke, who obviously made a better entry into the campaign than his master!

This is the Christmas clip of Joe Biden, or rather that of Champ and Major, his two German shepherds who, after wallowing in the pate and the gifts in the absence of the Biden, wish, on Facebook, “Merry Christmas” to voters.

You will tell me, the press secretary of Pete Buttigieg, candidate of Indiana, swears that Truman and Buddy, his indescribable but rather comical clébards themselves manage their Twitter accounts, 90,000 subscribers. Very active account, titled “First Dogs SB”, SB like South Bend, town where Pete Buttigieg was mayor. When, then, of the “first dogs in the White House”? 

In the meantime, there is always an activist to ask in public how the mutts support the many absences of their master in the countryside

They are a little confused, but they seem to be doing well, thank you for your concern . 

A serious question, a serious answer. Plus a link to the politician’s e-commerce store that sells $ 20, collars and leashes with “puppies for Pete” written on it. 

Elisabeth Warren, too, offers a T-shirt ($ 30) featuring her golden retriever Bailey, arguably the most staged pooch in the nomination contest. Hence the fan accounts that flourish in the name of “first dog” Bailey, listing the countless photos and videos of the four-legged as well as the testimonies of these Democrats who attend Warren’s meetings with their own dog and a reserve of canine treats homemade. 

I spare you the head juice on the telescoping between the place that social networks give to animals and that occupied by the dog in the American imagination. Let’s say the combination turns out to be more than successful. Especially since it is about fighting Donald Trump… the first President of the United States not to have owned a dog for a century!