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Drawing With Oil Pastels For Beginners

There are many methods and drawing techniques that you can practice, one that stands out is the drawing with oil pastels. This is an activity where different characteristics, such as wax crayons and cakes, are combined.

Having the right materials and knowing the basic techniques will help you create an excellent drawing with oil pastels also taking position references using wooden mannequins or plastic body kun dolls for figure drawing.

5 Random Things About Andrew Jackson

What do people do more than anything else during the holidays? That’s right, spend money. So here are 5 random facts about the man on the face of the most popular piece of paper in America.

Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767 on the border between North and South Carolina. Although his exact birthplace is unknown, legend has it that he was born in a cabin just on the South Carolina side of the border.