I received my Census questionnaire this past Tuesday and I was expecting to see an invasive form asking me for all kinds of personal info, like sperm count, average bowling score, hygiene habits, etc. Boy was I surprised when I received my Census and the most invasive question asked was, “What is your telephone number?” 

A Marxist state !

With all the fear-mongering going around about how the Census is a government attempt to setup a Marxist state, I figured it was time to step in and put forth a few facts about the Census. Whether or not you choose to fill it out is up to you, but you should have the facts, and not just a bunch of false statements from talking heads on a soapbox.

  1. The Census has been around since 1790.
  2. The government has been collecting micro-data, individual records that contain information collected about each person and housing unit, since 1850.
  3. Because of Title 44 of the U.S. Code, Census identifying data remains private for 72 years. This means that this year’s Census results identifying information will remain private until 2082.
  4. The Supreme Court determined that no government agency, not even the FBI or IRS, has a right to access Census data prior to the expiration of the 72 year time period.
  5. The Census is used to determine the number of members from each state in the House of Representatives, ergo the Electoral College, so it determines the power of your vote.

Bonus: The Census Bureau also uses this data to determine government spending. If you don’t fill out the Census, or fill it out incorrectly, your community could miss out on valuable resources.